Altmark-Linedancer - Bernhard Sänger

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Letzte Workshop's

Holy Days;

 Dwight Meessen & Lee Hamilton; 32/4; Musik: Sean McConnell


Choreo: Alessandro - Axel 600 - Boer; 32/4; Musik: Cam

Golden Wedding Ring

Choreo: Séverin Fillion; 32/4; Musik: Terri Clark - Golden Ring

Break It Back Down

Choreo: Dwight Meessen; 32/4; Musik: Pat Green

Life After Love

Choreo: Dwight Meessen; 32/4; Musik: Rookies - Believe

Road Less Traveled; Choreo: Paula Frohn; 32/4

Drinking With Dolly; Séverine Fillion; 32/4;

Save Me Tonight; Maggie Gallagher 32/4

Hey Girl; Micaela Svensson Erlandsson 32/4

Lonely Drum; Darren Michell; 32/4

Feel The Beat; Chris Watson; 32/4

Sam's Ghost Town; Siggi Güldenfuß; 64/2

Staring At The Moon; Gudrun Schneider; 32/4

Old and Grey; Rob Fowler; 64/4

Bored; Ria Vos; 32/4

Country Boy's Paradise Cha; 32/4

Choreo: Judi Bisher-Schuler; 32/4;

Chasing Down a Good Time; Dan Albro; 48/4

Country In The City; Franky Markof; 32/2

Dog River Blues; Marie Sörensen; 32/4

J'adore; Gudrun Schneider; 32/4

Gypsy Queen; Hazel Pace; 32/4

Fireflies; Rudy Honing & Wesley F. Wessels; 40/4

Only You; Steve Betweenchickens ft. Silvia Denise Staiti; 32/2